PT. ROYAL SEVEN SEAS, is a specialist service company to supply the Indonesian seafarers to International Shipping and Oilfield Industry Company to help the Owner and or Manager to find real professional crew member which capable to work on board of any type of vessels and Oilfield Offshore / Onshore Company at all over the world with the crew who are ready toplaced anywhere in accordance with the needs of the employer / owner, and fill the vacancy on board any type of vessels, as follow:

  • Tanker Vessel
  • Cruise Vessel
  • Container Vessel
  • Ro-Ro Vessel
  • Supply Vessel
  • Survey Vessel
  • Tug Boat
  • Crew Boat
  • Crane Barge & Accommodation Work Barge
  • Log Carrier
  • Bulk Carrier
  • General Cargo
  • Dredger
  • Rig / Offshore
  • FPSO
  • Platform And Oil rig
  • Fishing Vessel
  • Ferry Ship
  • Sailing Vessel
  • Luxury Private Yacht/Cruise Ship/Luxury LinerYacht
  • Refer Vessels
  • Live Stock Carrier
  • Tugboat and Barge
  • Gas Carriers
  • LPG
  • ChemicalTanker
  • Shipyard with Ship Repair Crew

We are fully guarantee the quality of services provide for our clients, PT. ROYAL SEVEN SEAS, has conducted a quality control by means of selection of high quality seafarers, standards and the package.

The Company’s crew selection is made according to well-defined procedures. These include a through check of the candidate's qualification, professional as well as academic and past work experience by type and size of vessel & machinery. In addition, we conduct extensive practical tests of each candidate on computer-based software.

The second step interview process follows this with personnel managers who have a seafaring background as Masters or Chief Engineers, as well as extensive shore-based experience in human resource management.

Final acceptance of seafaring candidates is always subject to a stringent health and fitness examination.
Once accepted, a system of pre-joining briefing is used, to ensure that all these seafarers are fully conversant with the company's standards, flag state requirements and the specific goals on each ship. During this briefing, the seafarers are given an introduction to the principal's quality assurance systems.

All our seafarers are well trained to STCW-95standards. Their Certification and Training also confirm to Flag state requirements, as well as requirements that are mandated or considered necessary for different vessel-types includes Cruise Liners, general cargo, bulk carriers, passenger vessels, Container carriers, petroleum, chemical and gas carriers, crude oil tankers, special crafts, supply vessels, multipurpose vessels, crew boat, Anchor Handling Tug and Supply vessel, work boat, tugs and oil rigs, etc.

We ensure that all our appointees are exposed to working in ISO-9001 and ISM Quality & Safety environments.

Deck officers will certify with legal document such as:

  1. Certificate of Competency
  2. Certificate of Endorsement with Remarks of GOC / GMDSS on the additional qualifications.
  3. Basic Safety Training
  4. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
  5. Advance Fire Fighting
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Crowd Management
  8. Medical First aid
  9. Passport
  10. Seamen's Book
  11. ISPS Code
  12. Medical Care on Board
  13. Tanker Familiarization
  14. Oil Tanker
  15. Chemical Tanker
  16. Liquid Gas Tanker
  17. Radar Simulator
  18. Arpa Simulator
  19. Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
  20. General Operator Certificate
  21. International Safety Management Code
  22. Ship Security Officer
  23. Bridge Resource Team Management
  24. Etc.

Will certify with legal document such as:

  1. Basic Safety Training
  2. Navigational or Engine Room Watch Keeping
  3. Navigation or deck watch keeping
  4. Keeping Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat
  5. Advance Fire Fighting
  6. Tanker Familiarization
  7. Oil Tanker Certificate
  8. Medical First Aid
  9. Crisis Management
  10. Crowd Management
  11. International Safety Management Code
  12. Passport
  13. Seamen's Book
  14. Etc.

Restaurant and Hotel Staff will certify with legal document such as:

  1. Recommendation Work Experience
  2. Basic Safety Training
  3. Navigation or deck watch Keeping
  4. Survival Craft & Rescue Boat
  5. Diploma Certificate
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Crowd Management
  8. International Safety Management Code
  9. Passport
  10. Seaman Book

At PT. ROYAL SEVEN SEAS, we recognize the importance of efficiently manning and meeting the demands of our clients. Forming a roster of committed and loyal seafarers for our clients, we provide trained, skilled and competent personnel specific to the operational requirements of our client’s vessels.
Crew Manning / Management is our Primary business and we take our performance levels in providing Crewing Services very seriously. We have a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001-2000 Standards in place.

Our staff managers are qualified and experienced professionals providing the best services in their domain.

We have provided Crew Manning services to various Ship Owners and Managers globally and have established us as one of the most experienced in the business.

Our Fleet Personnel data base is not just about building numbers but building relationships. Till date, we have worked with over 2000 Officers & Ratings. Our personalized service to seafarers includes being in constant contact, and monitoring their certificate requirements during their leave. All of which translates into a high retention rate.

Our crew management services are flexible & competitive and cover the complete spectrum of human resource management for the ship owner.

The success of PT. ROYAL SEVEN SEAS is based on a strong work ethics and our priority to retain and build on our relationships with our Principals through Quality Service by selecting and supplying experienced highly skilled, safety conscious regular offshore & marine personnel. The company also imparts training to the personnel who have initiative to learn and are ready to move into responsible positions due to strong demand for offshore rigs (Jack up, Submersible, Semi- submersible, Drill ship and Drilling Barge) personnel.

We shall keep striving to meet exceed our Principal's expectations for efficient service at all time with continuous improvement.

PT. ROYAL SEVEN SEAS, In addition of the crew management as our main activity; we also serve our clients as Ship Brokers, Bunkering, Fresh Water supply & Ship Chandlers. Therefore, if you need our service in terms of procurement the vessel for charter or buy, or you need our service in terms of procurement of the goods that you may need for your ships in Indonesian waters, including refueling, please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need our assistance.